Port master plan

The master plan is a key factor in designing new plants, logistics centers or ports. The port is an interface for waterway, road, and railroad traffic. The development of port operations requires an extensive knowledge of the port’s operating environment, port economy and transportation technology. Due to large investments, the port or a terminal has to have a regularly updated master plan, covering phased development and investment plans. The master plan serves as an overall project plan for such industrial sites. It is a long term plan also regarding the future development and investment needs of the site.

Logistic solutions are unique for each port. EP-Logistics has developed numerous effective solutions for ports and transportation companies. This has been possible due to our extensive experience not only with ports and transportation companies but also our experience with their customers, the industry and the trade. The master plan should be revised when existing facilities show signs of congestion. Revision is in order also when significant changes in business characteristics, machinery, vessel types etc. are expected to happen. Please contact Mr. Esa Eerikäinen for more information.

Our core competence areas are

  • General logistic plans
  • Administration and training
  • Access control and gate solutions
  • ICT systems for ports and terminals
  • Crane and equipment procurement
  • Port master planning
  • Port operation simulation
  • Supply chain control and planning
  • Transportation economics