EP-Logistics Ltd

EP-Logistics Ltd is an independent consulting engineering firm, specialising in logistics planning for industry, trade, ports and the public sector. Our services range from logistics strategy development to implementation support. We employ 20 experienced specialists.

EP-Logistics is a member of FIDIC through the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL. Our clients are large or medium-sized companies as well as public sector organisations. The share of foreign assignments is notable. We are located in Helsinki, Finland.

Professionally skilled staff

Our staff comprises experienced experts in all fields of logistics and materials handling. This offers you state-of-the-art know-how and proven problem solving capabilities.


During our 50 years of experience in the logistics consulting business we have developed, planned and designed hundreds of logistics, distribution and material handling systems, warehouses and port applications. This experience guarantees that the essential characteristics of your logistics requirements are familiar to us and we have developed similar working solutions for a multitude of organisations before.


Methodology is the third pillar of our competence. We have developed planning methods and tools to support the development of logistics operations and facilities, e.g. powerful calculation and analysis programs, simulation and animation, GIS and CAD programs.