Logistics information systems

Logistics information systems

Development of company’s logistics, such as process optimization or automatic material handling systems, is typically related to information systems. EP-Logistics provides wide-range expertise services for information system acquisition and development. With combined expertise in logistics, business, and information technology, EP-Logistics can provide comprehensive and independent services to meet the customer´s needs.

Our key competences in information technology and systems

  • ICT systems of production facilities and wholesale units, production control, ERP
  • Material handling and material storing systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Simulation
  • Recognition technologies
  • Access control and gate solutions
  • Messaging and data transfer
  • Electric services and systems integration
  • GIS


Our customers are typically looking for following benefits:

  • Successful coordination of massive investments with the help of pre-studies
  • Expertise in specifications and planning
  • Consideration of the development needs of physical logistics in system projects
  • Expertise in system delivery in the request for proposals phase
  • Utilising an independent operator to coordinate multi-supplier projects
  • Professional operation control in consortium projects (with multiple suppliers)
  • Independent advisor in system projects