Evaluation of logistics information system investment benefits

Evaluation of information system investment benefits is challenging but also essential for successful investment execution.

Companies that do benefits evaluation carefully are able to focus on value adding topics during the investment project, which leads to better benefit realization and desired project outcome. It is typical, that information system investment project costs are recognized and evaluated carefully but benefits and possible threats of the investment are left for weaker attention. Weak benefits evaluation may easily lead to wrong assumptions on investment outcome and to disappointments when the assumed benefits were not realized.

EP-Logistics has performed research on information system investment benefits evaluation and based on that, developed procedures for systematic and comprehensive benefits evaluation.

    Carefully done information system investment pre-evaluation and benefits evaluation typically leads to following benefits:

    • Understanding on what kind of benefits and how those benefits may be achieved by executing information system investment.
    • Knowledge on which system features the investment should be targeted.
    • Investment decision is based on rational arguments.
    • Unnecessary investments can be avoided.

    In addition to information system investment benefits evaluation, EP-Logistics assists companies with other information system investment related projects, from the first pre-evaluation phases to project implementation and deployment. For more information, please contact Mr. Ville Hyvönen.