Logistics information systems acquisition and commissioning

After the requirements specification and acquisition decision, the new system is still far from commissioning. Depending on the scope of the system, project commissioning phase may take remarkable amount of time and resources which is why expertise and previous experience in implementing information system projects are irreplaceable assets for the success of the project.

EP-Logistics has extensive experience in consulting information system investment projects and project management. The use of an experienced consultant in the project enables not only smooth acquisition and implementation of an information system but also a result that meets the requirements.

In addition to information system acquisition, delivery supervision/control and commissioning, EP-Logistics provides services for information system pre-evaluation and requirements specification. For more information, please contact Mr. Ville Hyvönen.

Our information system acquisition, delivery supervision and commissioning related services:

  • Quotation comparison, evaluation, and supplier selection
  • Contract template drafts
  • Information system project delivery and implementation supervision
  • Testing plan and coordination, testing
  • Deployment assistance
  • Project management
  • Information system modifications
  • Other expertise tasks related to commissioning, e.g., system interface specification and implementation, migration plan and implementation, reporting plan and implementation