Automatic material handling systems

Automatic material handling systems drastically boost the effectiveness of the supply chain of high volume industry and wholesale trade. Fast deliveries received on time naturally have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and costs.

Automatic material handling systems supporting the logistic chain can be implemented in many different ways. The optimal solution is tailor-made for every company and finding the most cost-effective alternative calls for a lot of exprerience and specialized know-how. Discovering of a technically suitable material handling system, the right layout and the degree of automation also require the development of several alternative solutions.

Control principles and the level of automation and mechanization of material handling systems exist to varying standards. The layout of the site also has an impact on the effectiveness of material handling in many ways. For this reason the automatic material handling systems best catering to your company’s needs are always developed on the grounds of your company’s needs.

Over the years EP-Logistics has designed automatic material handling systems for numerous different lines of business – utilize our expertise in boosting your company’s logistics! For more information please contact Mr. Pekka Korpiharju.