Logistics centre planning

Logistics centre planning always aims for efficient, fast and reliable delivery chain. With the growth of the e-commerce, the operation is increasingly kept running 24 hours a day, seven days a week as delivery times have shortened to 48 or even 24 hours. Storage technology is organized in a way it enables fast and reliable collecting and sending of goods. That being said, the design of many a logistics centre will require re-evaluating in the coming years.

Expensive delivery mistakes caused by demand for fast delivery can be minimised with effective operation control. The aim is to dispatch as large portion of the goods as possible on terminal principle so the goods are not stored at all. Logistics centre planning responds to these challenges with layout planning and by optimising material flows, whereupon traditional storage routines can be bypassed.

Logistics centre planning covers all phases from concept design to dimensioning buildings and yards as well as specifying material handling systems. The result is a clear plan that architects or constructors can use as a basis for their work.

Many an operator in trade, industry and logistics business has relied on the expertise of EP-Logistics in designing their logistics centre. For more information please contact Mr. Petri Niemi.