Lean trims the unnecessary

Kaizen (Japanese): “continuous improvement”.

Lean is originally an operating model developed for production environment with a core idea to trim all unnecessary from operation. By trimming different kinds of excess lead times can be shortened, financial resources deallocated and product quality and company’s profitability increased. The goal of lean is not however to speed up the pace of personnel but to get work done more efficiently. In addition to production context lean philosophy can just as well be applied to warehouses, hospitals or office routines.

EP-Logistics brings its know-how to lean projects and applies lean principles to any development project. For more information please contact Mr. Petri Niemi.

Projects aiming to improve production efficiency often contain sub-projects with goals to improve operation. These can include e.g.

  • Standardizing of work, defining tasks and planning and instructing of tasks
  • Kaizen, continuous improvement, systematically put into practice