Logistics research and development

A logistic competence is necessary for a company to keep its markets and remain successful. Modern development trends in production require new operation modes in logistics. In a networked operation environment the competition lays more and more between supply chains, not between individual companies. The secret of success will be in the ability to co-operate in different networks.

EP-Logistics has an extensive and long term experience in logistics research and development and development projects with the public sector as well as with private companies. Typical R&D-projects conducted by EP-Logistics are:
network and multiple client projects, EU projects, strategic studies, feasibility studies, finding R&D financing for organisations and coordination of national and international development projects. For more information please contact Mr. Pekka Korpiharju.

Typical development areas are:

  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Networked production and development of networks
  • New logistic models and technologies
  • Sourcing
  • Logistic systems and chains
  • Outsourcing and partnerships