Production facility planning

EP-Logistics’ production facility planning covers all phases from concept design to operational and implementation design. Production facility planning is utilised when planning both new plants and extensions of existing facilities.

In the first phase, concept design, alternative production and operational methods are examined. The next step is choosing the operational model. Of the available alternatives, a preference is made over the model that offers the best rated value and most flexibility for the production needs.

In addition to concept design production facility planning also includes

  • Requirements analysis
  • Implementation planning
  • Materials flow planning
  • Operation control
  • Dimensioning of the building
  • Dimensioning of yards and junctions
  • Equipment specifications

When the phases described above have been undergone, production facility planning yields a complete and clear plan that architects or constructors can use as a basis of their work. EP-Logistics has an extensive experience in production facility planning. For more information please contact Mr. Petri Niemi.