Production logistics

pick-to-light keräily

The material flow has to be controlled all the way from the raw material source to the customer. Production logistics covers the material flow information and physical handling from procurement to production and dispatch. The principles and quality of production logistics have an effect on lead times, work-in-progress and inventory size. EP-Logistics has an extensive experience in demanding production logistics planning. This includes e.g. development of material flows, lead times, delivery accuracy, production control, layout and information systems planning.

Automatic material handling systems design and control know-how is of a core competence area of EP-Logistics. We have developed sophisticated logistics systems in many industries. Typical production logistics development projects focus on lead time reduction, delivery time schedule control, improvement of material flow, information system development and production facility planning. The main objective for the enterprise in developing the production logistics chain is to increase profitability and competitiveness. For more information, please contact Mr. Ville Hyvönen.