Supply chain logistics

The main objective of development of the supply chain is to increase the profitability and competitiveness of the company. Goods flow has to be controlled all the way from raw material sources to the final customer. Supply chain logistics covers the sourcing of raw materials and the production and delivery of products. Supply chain logistics solutions affect delivery times, operating costs and the working capital requirements. For more information please contact Mr. Petri Niemi.

Some examples of supply chain logistics issues:

  • Positioning of inventory: The number of echelons and the products to be stored at different levels to achieve the desired delivery capability with as few recourses as possible.
  • Order driven operations: How can sales and production requirements be matched in a way that increases the competitiveness of the company?
  • Demand management: Large inventories and long order-delivery times distort the demand seen by the production causing unnecessary production level fluctuations.
  • Short lead time of order fulfilment process: Shortening lead times and developing the process results in faster customer service and more efficient production.
  • Simplification and increasing visibility: The structure and the operation of the order-delivery process have to be clear to all members of the supply chain.