Information technology in logistics

Successful firms are constantly looking for more efficient and more cost effective ways to run their business by developing their logistics. Improving the efficiency of operations requires changes to physical logistics management.

In this change the information technology solutions have an important role. Information technology services of EP-Logistics are based on know-how and experience.  For more information, please contact Mr. Pekka Korpiharju.

Information technology services of EP-Logistics are based on know-how and experience

  • System pre-studies
  • Specifications and design of information systems
  • Procurement support
  • Delivery supervision
  • Project management

Typical assignments in the area of information technology

  • Logistics know-how
  • Understanding of the client’s business
  • Information technology know-how on applications and technologies central to logistics

Our core competence areas in technology and systems are

  • ICT systems of production facilities and wholesale units, production control, ERP
  • Material handling and material storing systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Simulation
  • Recognition technologies
  • Access control and gate solutions
  • Messaging and data transfer
  • Electric services and systems integration
  • GIS


Our customers are typically looking for the following things

  • Successful coordinating of massive investments with the help of pre-studies
  • Expertise in specifications and planning
  • Consideration of the development needs of physical logistics in system projects
  • Expertise in system delivery in the request for proposals phase
  • Utilising an independent operator to coordinate multi-supplier projects
  • Professional operation control in consortium projects (with multiple suppliers)
  • Independent advisor in system projects