Shopping Centre Mylly – Material flows planning


The shopping centre Mylly in Raisio has over 150 businesses and over 5,5 million visitors yearly. Mylly invested 50 million euros in an extension, and as a result grew to be one of the largest shopping centres in Finland. EP-Logistics has earlier been involved in developing retail logistics in several large shopping centres and department stores for example in shopping centres Kamppi, Itis and Stockmann (in Helsinki), Sello and Iso Omena (in Espoo), Skanssi (in Turku) and Galleria (in Oulu).

Assignment and results

The assignment given to EP-Logistics was to plan both the temporary and the final material and waste maintenance solutions in shopping centre Mylly. EP-Logistics specified temporary loading areas and routes to them during the extension construction work and the final loading areas and the operations and equipment needed in there after the extension is ready. Also, the routing of material flows to the shops was defined with layout planning.


  • Functionality of the material flows in the shopping centre after the extension was ensured
  • The required lift and escalator capacity was determined
  • With the planning, the practical material and waste maintenance solutions during the construction was enabled
  • The service traffic routes during the construction period was defined