Port of Kaskinen – Master plan 2016-2030


Port of Kaskinen Ltd is one of the most important ports of export for lumber and pulp in Finland. Through Port of Kaskinen passes over 1.1 million ton of goods annually. The port serves cost-effectively industrial customers’ transportation needs including parcelled goods, dry bulk and liquid bulk goods.

Assignment and results

For Port of Kaskinen EP-Logistics prepared a master plan that put together the development plans of the shippers, Port Ltd and the owner of the port. The need for updating the master plan arose from various reasons. There were new shipping lines, changes in legislation and will to constantly develop the service, quality and environmentally conscious operations of the Port of Kaskinen.


  • The created master plan benefits the current and new users, service providers and interest groups of the port in planning the development projects, carrying trough the plans and developing their business
  • New port area reservations were grouped logically by the purpose of use
  • The port and industry area reservations of the master plan could be ratified to the port plan that was in the making at the same time