Boliden – Development of material logistics


Boliden Harjavalta Oy refines copper, nickel, gold, silver and sulphuric acid in the smelter in Harjavalta and refinery in Pori. Nearly million tons of copper and nickel concentrates, that arrive mainly by sea, is processed yearly. Also, annually over 150 000 tons of different kinds of metals is produced in Harjavalta and Pori.

Assignment and results

In the first part of the material logistics development project of two production plants, EP-Logistics analysed the present situation, planned and divided the development actions into phases. In the second part, the requirements specification for the new control and planning system of material logistics was made. From the specification part was proceeded to supplier charting and procurement process and to implementation of the control system.

Instead of one project, Boliden eventually ended up utilising EP-Logistics’ expertise in the above-mentioned four individual projects as a continuum for each other.


  • The transportation and warehousing of the materials during the production process is managed with the new control system
  • Using the same expert throughout the project made carrying it out more straightforward
  • The new control system replaced numerous data sources used in different phases of the logistics chain and it offers real-time view of the situation in the logistics chain to its users
  • The control system decreases significantly manual monitoring and simplifies decision-making in materials control