Herrmans – Production area expansion


Herrmans Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of bicycles’ plastic components in Europe. EP-Logistics has earlier received assignments from Herrmans concerning warehouse and production area planning as well as developing procurement and production management.

Assignment and results

Due to the heavy increase in demand, the capacity of Herrmans’ plant in Jakobstad was becoming insufficient and more room for production was needed. EP-Logistics planned the expansion and the layout of production lines together with the production experts of Herrmans’. At the same time, the layout changes to make the operations more effective were planned and implemented to the existing facilities.


  • The extension plan enables significant growth of production volume
  • The layout was updated to more effective relative to the logistics of the manufacturing process
  • From several alternative extension plans, the best could be selected for implementation
  • Cooperation with familiar partner was straightforward because the operations models and practises were already known

Time-lapse video of the factory expansion ©Herrmans Oy Ab