Semtu – Warehousing development


Semtu Oy supplies materials and concrete industry production equipment and their spare parts to concrete industry, construction materials industry, construction firms, planners and construction retailers in Finland, the Baltic Countries and adjacent area of Russia. The warehouse space in Sipoo, Finland, was impractical and there was a need for new storage places without extending the building. Some pallets had to be stacked on the floor because of the shortage of storage places. The pallets on the floor caused a safety risk.

Assignment and results

EP-Logistics prepared three different layout plans that differed in the pallet rack placing and in the number of the storage places. The pallet storage places of the three alternatives were calculated by using the measured dimensions of the current shelves. The layout plan that was selected to be implemented almost doubled the number of pallet places by reorganizing the shelves and space. Simultaneously, Semtu could quit stacking the pallets on the warehouse floor and increase the space reserved for receiving goods.


  • The goal of adding storage places without extending the building was achieved
  • From several alternative layout plans, the best could be selected for implementation
  • The picking became more effective and receiving area was increased along with the new layout
  • Safety improved with the development of the use of space
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