Viking Malt – Development of warehousing


Viking Malt is the biggest producer of malts in the Nordic Countries and has extended its operations several times. Because of the change of the number of products and volume, there was a need to update the packing and warehousing of malt in their factory in Lahti to meet the future demand.

Assignment and results

The assignment’s focus was on developing the warehousing more efficient. EP-Logistics examined the dependencies between material flows, batch sizes and inventory levels and their impact on storage space needs. Five years earlier EP-Logistics implemented the corresponding project that also contained drawing up procurement documents and technical specifications for bagging machines.


  • The future material flows were estimated by calculations based on the sales forecast
  • The needs for warehousing in the future with different courses of action were defined
  • Viking Malt could increase the capacity of the warehouse by developing the usage of the loading area
  • EP-Logistics took care of the technical specifications for the bagging machines, identified suitable equipment suppliers and made comparison of the offers
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