Rauanheimo – Logistics development plans


Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab is one of the largest stevedoring company in Finland by its amount of cargo handling. Rauanheimo has used the planning services of EP-Logistics in different assignments concerning material handling of port and industry areas during several years. The subjects of the assignments have been selected according to the development projects in progress.

Assignment and results

EP-Logistics has made concept and functional planning for both internal and external development projects for Rauanheimo. Assignments have included producing of unit load, dry bulk, parcelled goods traffic and industrial material handling logistics plans. The end customers of the projects have been both domestic and nearby countries’ consignors in forest, chemicals and metal industry.


  • The fast response time of EP-Logistics has made it possible to utilise the results in project negotiations
  • The know-how of the industry has enabled also the implementations of the next phases of development projects
  • Cooperation with familiar partner was straightforward because the operations models and practises were already known.
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