Iso Omena – Shopping centre simulation


Shopping centre Iso Omena is the second largest in Finland, with over 100 boutiques, 15 restaurants and cafés, three movie theatres and a library. Iso Omena has parking space for 2200 cars and the number of personnel reaches 1100. The shopping centre was opened in 2001 in Matinkylä, Espoo.

The assignment and the results

EP-Logistics has been involved in developing retail logistics in several large shopping centres and department stores in the capital region. Our services feature eg. analysing customer flows and requirements for parking space, development of delivery and service traffic and improving the efficiency of delivery channels.

In simulation of Iso Omena a model of the shopping centre was constructed on the computer that was used to test different alernative solutions. The best ones were chosen for implementation.


The simulation yielded the following benefits

  • Functionality of the internal logistics of the shopping centre was ensured
  • The optimal amount of parking space was determined
  • The required lift and escalator capacity was determined
  • Supplementary information about vehicle, customer and shopping cart flows was gained for further planning