Finnish Transport Agency – Piloting simulation


In Finland, Finnpilot Pilotage – a division of Finnish Transport Agency –  has a monopoly for piloting, the seafaring service utilised around the world in coastal waters. The pilot’s guidance is especially important for vessels sailing in the waters of Finland, as the country’s coastal waters are difficult to sail and the nature in the archipelago is vulnerable. Also the conditions set by the Nordic climate and the forming of ice during winter pose a challenge especially for foreign vessels. EP-Logistics has been involved in the development of Finnpilot’s piloting service for over ten years. Our services range from defining starategy to streamlining the operation, a task in which simulation has been utilised as one potent tool.

The assignment and the results

In simulation process a scale model of the piloting service was generated on the computer. The model enabled us to test different solutions and choose the best ones to be implemented. The simulation has been utilised in Finland’s all navigation districts and it has indicated a possibility to reduce annual costs of piloting up to 20%.


Simulation yielded answers to the following questions

  • What kind of pilot station network works best?
  • How many pilots and cutter operators are required?
  • How large fleet of vessels is required?
  • What operational effect does the pilots’ working time have?
  • How does the system function with varying number of ships?