Pesmel – Supply chain simulation


EP-Logistics was involved in a project aiming to improve the automation of the lumber industry’s supply chain (project Vetoketju). Other stakeholders were UPM-Kymmene, M-Real, VR Cargo and Rauma Stevedoring. The project resulted in an automatic loading/unloading system of railroad cars. Pesmel was responsible for the project and the deployment. In the first phase the system was introduced in roll deliveries of Finnish paper industry. Later the system can be utilised comprehensively in the deliveries of lumber industry and other mass industries.

The assignment and the results

In the project, simulation was utilised to ensure the operability of the automatic load/unload system in a port before commissioning. Additionally, the model was used to inspect alternative operating methods and as a result, knowledge was gained on e.g. the necessary resources and storage space. The simulation model was able to demonstrate the differences between alternative operation methods and yield information to support decision-making considering e.g. the location of the system as well as necessary investments.


The simulation yielded the following benefits

  • Operability of a pilot system could be ensured before commissioning
  • Performance of the alternative operation methods was solved and compared
  • The number of required translocation platforms and size of storages were determined
  • Utilisation rate of work machines and transportation distances and number of relocations of translocation platforms was solved