Finnsteve Oy – Container terminal simulation


Finnsteve is a stevedore operator profiled as an efficient large unit operator, operating in Helsinki and Turku. Finnsteve’s level of service is to be kept satisfactory to the clients at all times, the reason they are constantly monitoring their operation in search of improvements.
A simulation model generated on the computer is one of the tools to aid them in finding and testing points for improvement. EP-Logistics has observed the efficiency of the Port of Helsinki’s West Harbour container terminal by request of Finnsteve.

The assignment and the results

The simulation had two goals. The first was to find measures to increase the lifting capacity of the port’s cranes and thus hasten the ships’ service times. A limit was set for the capacity increase: the service level of the trucks operating in the container terminal must not degrade from the current level.

The second goal was to explore the maximum capacity of the West Harbour container terminal considering certain limitations such as the capacity of the container field, the number of work machines and truck serving time.


Simulation yielded answers to the following questions

  • What measures can be utilised to increase the service level of ships without degrading the service level of trucks?
  • How does the allocation of work machines affect the service level of trucks and ships?
  • What is the maximum capacity of the container terminal?
  • What is the number of working machines on the maximum capacity?
  • How many lanes does the gate require so the service time set for trucks can be maintained?