Koivunen Oy – Radio terminal system


Koivunen is one of the largest vehicle and technical goods importers and wholesellers in Finland. At Koivunen’s, quickness and reliability of spare parts deliveries is of high priority. One option to further improve the aforementioned qualities is to utilise the available technical possibilities, such as barcodes and radio terminals.

The assignment and the results

The utilisation of barcodes and radio terminals was started by conducting a pre-study, followed by a procurement project that extended to procurement supervision. An EP-Logistics consultant managed the project in all phases.


Koivunen gained following benefits from EP-Logistics’ consultance

  • EP-Logistics has experience on similar projects
  • EP-Logistics is familiar with Koivunen’s operation methods and information systems
  • Koivunen’s personnel was able to concentrate on its own work