Atria – Logistics centre


Atria’s Nurmo logistics centre brings Atria’s logistic system to a new era. EP-Logistics has had a central part in planning and implementation of the new logistics centre. The new centre allows Atria to respond better to the challenges of the changing market. Order bathces have become smaller and orders have become more frequent. The basis of all operation is to bring the products to the customer more fresh than ever before.

The assignment and the results

After the commissioning of the logistics centre forklift traffic and hand palleting in production spaces have ended which in part commits to better hygiene and safety. Elimination of obsolete work phases also reduces the load on environment and at the same time the unbrokenness of the cold chain is ensured: the temperature of +2° C is maintained through the whole process. In collecting sites the products are palleted to the customer’s desired shelf order. In the new logistics centre route-based collecting is changed to customer-based collecting. When the basis of all operation is the customer and not the route, the lead time of products is shortened by 12-14 hours. The collection sites also allow for customer service such as pricing and packaging.


The commissioning of the new logistics centre has brought e.g. the following benefits:

  • Products are delivered to shop shelves and customers’ tables faster and more fresh than before
  • Widening of product catalogs and packaging options is easier
  • The circulation speed is increased