Port of HaminaKotka – Port’s gate control


Finland and its ports are considered a safe transit route. To ensure safety, ports are constantly developing their security and access control. The effects of new solutions are further enhanced with ICT solutions specifically developed for this special operating environment.

Port of HaminaKotka wanted to improve their working and item safety without compromising their reputation as a provider of flexible services.

The assignment and the results

The port area was enclosed from extraneous traffic. Vehicles were channeled to go through a centralized control gate whose capacity was ensured with an information system.

The system administrates the flow of in- and outbound traffic in the gate zone. It photographs and identifies trucks and their cargo and weighs the tractor-trailers. The transaction can be reported to the customer electrically even with images only.

The new operating model combined with the the traffic arrangements and information technology form an entirety that works efficiently and conveys an image of a modern and secure port.


EP-Logistics was involved in the project as an independent consultant for the customer

  • We mapped the needs and objectives of the access control system
  • We participated in the gate zone and the traffic arrangements planning
  • We specified an information system that fulfills the requirements and prepared the bidding competition
  • After the client had chosen the system supplier we assisted in negotiating the offer details
  • We continued as an advisor during the initialization phase up to the final approval of the system