Port of Hanko – Identification and access control system


Hanko has evolved into a significant trailer port. Last year approximately 51 000 trailers transited the port. Hanko is also a port of expensive goods, so a special attention needs to be placed on security.

Automatic identification and access control system created for Port of Hanko is a larger entirety than just an identification system. In addition to the access control based on vehicle and transport unit identification, the system features also condition monitoring of the units.

The assignment and the results

EP-Logistics designed an automatic identification and conditioning monitoring system of vehicles and transportation units for Port of Hanko. EP-Logistics was responsible for the specifications, planning and coordination of the project. The purpose of the access control is to identify vehicles and automatically open the gate to vehicles whose grant to access can be clarified from their background information without the need to stop them.

The system is advanced and currently no other example exists in Europe. The different stakeholders’ requirements for condition monitoring and information content of automated identification were considered in the development.


Introduction of the system aims to smoothen the traffic flow as the vehicles entering the port with a purpose can drive in without having to stop: usually in ports a vehicle is always stopped for inspection. The system enhances port security and traffic flow and gives the port a significant competitive advantage.

Operators who need the condition monitoring images, suchs as clients and insurance companies, can inspect them over the internet. Search criteria can be e.g. date, unit number or a tractor’s licence number.

In the future the gate system is to be integrated to be part of the stevedore’s operative control to improve the level of service and the use of resources.